The Bare-Bones Auckland Rock Band

With so many local live bands now using backing tracks and electronic drum machines, there seems to be a lack of good honest rock bands around.

It’s been likely fueled by demand for that generic pop sound at white weddings and corporate gigs, but they just lack that certain sound, feeling, and rawness of real instruments.

THE REPEATS are definitely raw, with a grass-roots-rock sound that is true to their West Auckland, blue-collar origins. Their sound and setlists are heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Exponents, Dragon, Th’Dudes and a few carefully chosen newer belters.

Check out more about the three band members below, or, get in touch with THE REPEATS now!


Introducing Jimmy, the best lead guitarist in Auckland that was available and that we could afford. He’s also the youngest in the band, so we get away with paying him a youth wage. …Legally speaking he’s doing an internship.

He’s bloody good and his solos are incredible.


Introducing Toby. Some say he’s the best drummer they’ve seen, we say he’s easily startled by quiet noises. Give him some sticks and watch him go. It’s like watching the Energizer bunny, only with more profanities. Come meet him at our next gig! (Just keep a safe distance).


Introducing Warrick: Warrick was not a bassist, but he did have one thing the band needed; a place to practice in the CBD.

The rehearsal space didn’t last long, however. After numerous complaints, Auckland Council issued a noise violation notice which ultimately shut the space down. This meant Warrick wasn’t really needed.  …Although, like a lost puppy, he kept showing up for gigs.

Not having the heart to see him put down, we’ve kept him on as a bassist and “give it your best attempt” singer.