The Repeats are a three-piece, Auckland covers band straight out of West Auckland. Our musical style is best described as “Dad Rock” and covers all the best rock’n’roll from the 1960s to today.


Are you planning an event in Auckland and looking to hire entertainment that’s a little more rock’n’roll than glorified Karaoke? We play all our instruments live and don’t use a drum or midi tracks. This means what you see is what you hear: An authentic rock sound.


How long do we play for?

A typical performance from us consists of three main sets, that together run for about three hours in total. We typically group our set lists into themes to make sure we sound as cohesive as possible.

What songs can we play?

We play a variety of songs that cover 60 years awesome rock. Our list is growing all the time as we experiment and try songs that we like. As said in the previous question, we try to organise our sets into themes. These themes include:

  • Rock-n-roll
  • Kiwi pub classics
  • Dad rock
  • Modern rock
  • Blues

However, we are happy to play any specific songs you want. Just so long as we get a few weeks notice to rehearse them up to the best standard we can.

How much do we charge?

Our basic rate for a three-hour pub performance is $1,200 NZD, $1,800 for weddings This includes:

  • Travel anywhere in the Auckland region
  • Three hours of entertainment (with 2 x 15-minute breaks in that time)
  • All setup and strike-down costs
  • All PA and equipment
  • Band lighting
  • Maximum energy that will get your guests dancing

Extra might be charged for longer travel or if you need us to set up earlier than 30 minutes prior.

Why do you charge more for weddings?

Quite simply this is due to the extra time required to properly entertain a wedding party. This includes learning and rehearsing the special songs you want to hear (and so you should get them!) and also weddings usually need us around longer than a pub, both before the party and during.

How can I contact THE REPEATS?

Just drop us a line below and we’ll get back you ASAP.